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Historicals Enriched Analytics Report (HEAR) 


The Historical Enriched Analytics Reports puts the power of boodleAI's historical insights and analytics into a PDF report you can view, save, share, and send easily.   Using the HEAR you can analyze past campaigns and understand how, where, and with whom you were successful -- and how much.  Gain insights into yesterday's results and turn them into tomorrow's successes. 

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Commercial Sales HEAR
Nonprofit Fundraising HEAR
Direct Mail HEAR



1. Enter your contact information. 

2. For the contact list segment containing your campaign information:

      A. Enter the Contact List name. 

      B. Enter the Segment name. 

     C. Enter the column that indicates whether a contact responded.

      D. Enter the column that contains the response value. 

      E. Cut and paste the hyperlink/URL to the segment. 

      F. Enter the title of the contact list for the report. 

      G. Enter a link to the logo to be used for the report (optional)

3. Select the HEAR components you want included in the report.

4. Click "Generate HEAR"


A completed HEAR will be emailed to you within 72 hours. 

If you have questions or if this is an urgent request, please contact your Customer Success Manager.