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Donations Enriched Analytics Report (DEAR) 


The Donations Enriched Analytics Report (DEAR) puts the power of boodleAI's donation analytics into a PDF report you can view, save, share, and send easily.  

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DEAR Overview
New Donor DEAR
Repeat Donor DEAR
High Value Donor DEAR
Fastest New Donor DEAR
Fastest Repeat Donor DEAR
Highest Margin Donor DEAR
Primary Persona DEAR
Secondary Persona DEAR
Emerging Persona DEAR
Top Locations DEAR
Emerging Locations DEAR
Top Donation Types DEAR
Acquisition Method DEAR



1. Enter the location/link to the donation data.

2. Enter the title for the donation data. 

3. Select the desired report(s). 

4. Click "Generate DEAR"


Completed DEAR(s) will be emailed to you within 72 hours. 

If this is an urgent request or you have questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager.